The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Podcast


What started as a mission to help bereaved military families find justice has transformed into a mission to give them and our nation’s service members a Voice.

Using the NATO alphabet it was easy to develop the podcast name: Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot. Why? Because the bizarre manner in which military crimes are handled always draws the response WTF?!

We are two of the co-founders of a resource organization devoted to helping military families navigate the justice system. We have created this podcast so you can hear vital parts of amazing stories that are usually left on the cutting room floor by mass media – if they are covered at all.

These stories are, to say the least, strange. We invite you to join us because as we say down South: Honey, you ain’t gonna believe this shit!

Thank you for your support!

Author, Cilla McCain
Lt. Col. Tracy Shue, USAF (Ret),


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  1. My brother was murdered on board the USS Norton Sound in 1981. The Navy claimed it was suicide because my brother had a bible and some christian music tapes (among others) in his locker. Crew members have told us that a gang of 5 guys hit Mike over the head and drug him to the deck and threw him over board. 2 crew members head cries for help but did not report it. Several crew members reported him as being there in the morning when he was not. It was over 24 hours before the ship turned around to look for my brother in the water. His body was never found. The blood on deck was washed away in the morning by crew on board. . All those involved were transferred off the ship My Dad is going to be 84 this year and is still searching for answers as to why no one was ever charged with Mike’s murder. He continues to write the Navy to look into this case and bring Justice for Mike.

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